Death Equinox '01 Video Room

The video room is in a regular (but large) room this year. We will continue to use big-screen projection, though. The features will range from odd movies and cult film to music and fetish videos. Programming will run 24 hours a day, throughout the con, barring intermissions and off-hours when it becomes obvious that no one is conscious enough to watch anything.

Feature: GOH Andi Olsen will present Come Taste My Hand, a video tribute to the queen of postmodern piracy: Kathy Acker (1947-1997). In her novels, she pla(y)giarizes traditional narratives, reconfigures them, and re-presents them so that we can re-view ourselves and our world anew. This computer-generated video embodies her quest by appropriating images (a radically manipulated clip from a 1997 documentary of Acker in Australia) and text (a catechism about Acker where the questions appropriate and re-constitute chapter 17 from Joyce’s Ulysses, and where the answers appropriate and re-constitute Acker’s own words from her novel Blood and Guts in High School). The result explores the emotional complexity of her journey as it moves from abstract expressionism to hyper-realism, from anger to resigned acceptance. Time: Friday evening.

The non-feature schedule will be posted to the video room door.

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