Death Equinox '01 Readings

Updated: 10/03/01

Avant-Porn Reading:
A group reading of contributions to What the Fuck: The Avant-Porn Anthology, featuring editor Michael Hemmingson, introducer Larry McCaffery, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Thursday, 9pm

Lance Olsen Reading:
Avant-Prof GoH will be reading from his new novel, Freaknest, and/or his new collection, Sewing Shut My Eyes. Time: Thursday, 10pm

Brian Evenson Reading:
Horrific Literatist GoH Brian Evenson will read from his phlethora of subtly disturbing short fiction. Time: Friday, 1pm

The Mediaization of Consciousness:
A group reading of Lance Olsen, Larry McCaffery, and Michael Hemmingson, themed around the mediaization of consciousness and the avant realms of writing. Time: Friday, 6pm

Lee Ballentine Reading:
In a darkened room, Lee Ballentine will perform a trance program of dissociative speech and sound. Time: Friday, 10pm

Tim W. Brown Reading: Tim will present an essay originally written for Lester Grinspoon's Marijuana Uses web site ( in which he connects writing, marijuana use, and improv theory. Time: Saturday, 1pm

Jasmine Sailing Reading:
And it's the traditional "Torture the Chair Tyrant" fest. Jasmine will be reading excerpts from The Relativity of Demons and Angels whilst being cut, burnt, and shocked by a DE assemblage. The story itself will probably be more painful for her than the sharp and heated objects could ever be. Includes Gene Santagada, Gordon Klock, Gomez, and whoever (whatever) else we wind up throwing in. Time: Saturday, 7pm

Michael Hemmingson Reading:
Michael Hemmingson will be reading from his new novel, Wild Turkey. Time: Saturday, 8pm

Swapped Minds Block Reading:
Several Death Equinox participants will be randomly selecting texts by other participants to read, and squirming as they try to voice an alien mind-set. We tried this in '98 and '99, and it was amusing so we might as well do it again. Time: Sunday, 2pm

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