Death Equinox '01 Panels & Discussion Groups

Last Updated: 10/03/01

Yet More Tales of the Busted:
Open Discussion. Close calls, false arrests, and friendly encounters with our neighborhood peace officers. This is a traditional panel that has happened every year of Death Equinox. Just goes to show what types of people attend, I suppose. Since all of the DE regulars, well maybe not quite all of them, have coughed up arrest tales in prior years it seemed prudent to leave the "panel" open this time so new people might be inclined to share. Hosted by Michael Hemmingson, who is arrested about every other week. Time: Thursday, 8pm

Despised Media Personalities:
Discussion Group. Whether you absolutely loathe Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh, Death Equinox Participants, or someone entirely different, this will be your chance to explain why. Hosted by Jasmine Sailing. Time: Friday, 11am

Terrorists... and What's Next?
Societal Panel. The world is changing of late, with the recent terrorist attack. Monument buildings are gone. Politics are skewed to the point where Rush Limbaugh went off on Falwell for blaming gays. President Bush is trying to wear a Superman cape. And a jihad is brewing in Afghanistan. Where will all of this lead? And, on a less significant front, what effects will it have on "subversive" art? Moderated by Michael Hemmingson. Includes Gene Santagada, Gordon Klock, and Bruce Young. Time: Friday, noon

The Avant-Pop, and What Comes After It:
Arts/Industry Panel. What is/was the avant-pop? Is it still a helpful/growing category? Did it in fact replace pomo? What is the nature of the beast that will replace it? Moderated by Lance Olsen. Includes Larry McCaffery and Michael Hemmingson. Time: Friday, 2pm

Recent Mind-Warping Literature
Arts/Industry panel. We can all think of books which did strange things to our heads throughout life, but a few literatists in the know will expound upon some of the recent entries into the world of print that caused them to feel mesmerised, shattered, gush uncontrollably, or otherwise take notice of them. Moderated by Larry McCaffery. Includes Lance Olsen, Brian Evenson, and Michael Hemmingson. Time: Friday, 4pm

Eek, It's An Otaku!:
Arts/Industry panel. Anime, and the thoughts it inspires in an artistic, perverse, or philosophical sense. This will happen in the video room, so partcipants can exhibit brief visual examples. Moderated by severely obsessed otaku Jasmine Sailing. Includes Gordon Klock, Bruce Young, and Vanessa Loveless. Time: Friday, 7pm

The Return of Art Bell:
Discussion Group. He's so fun, that a panel about him is requested every year. Conspiracies, aliens, Moth Men, spirits, brain tumours, and so much more. Feel free to pitch in your thoughts on the topic. Hosted by Michael Hemmingson. Time: Saturday, 11am

Marx in a Beret--The Econometrics of Bohemia:
Discussion Group. What sorts of social conditions create the places where counter-cultures flourish or wither? Architecture & topography, class background, economic niches, housing stock, forms of communications & media, etc. Hosted by Bruce Young. Time: Sunday, 1pm

Industrious Insecting in the Musical Worlds:
Arts/Industry panel. An insight into the worlds of independent music, from a batch of people who have long been involved in it. Interesting musicians, home-taping, how to get your music out there, radio shows, and more. For those who want to know what to hear, or for those who want to know how to be heard. Moderated by Little Fyodor. Includes RN Taylor, Babushka, Robert Ferbrache, Winona Righteous, and John Gross. Time: Sunday, 3pm

The Psychologies of S/M:
Societal Panel. Personality reversal (domineering subs), sexual trauma submissiveness, endorphin addiction, etc. Moderated by Gene Santagada. Includes Gomez and Sarah Glass. Time: Sunday, 5pm

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