Multi-Media CD-ROM Submission Guidelines

The Death Equinox CD-ROMs will be available at their subsequent conventions, and will feature multi-media represenation of each year's participants. Following are the submission guidelines. You must be a registered attendee to be included on the CD. Space is limited. If you wish to submit material but don't have a membership, you should register ASAP to ensure that you can be included. The CDs consist of both pre-selected stock from attendees (fiction and non, art, animation, bios, irc interviews, film clips, magazine excerpts, etc.) and live A/V footage from the actual convention. Release dates vary, but inevitably occur before the subsequent convention.

Do you have something you'd like to contribute to the MultiMedia CD we're producing? In addition to carrying information about Death Equinox itself, the CD will have more than sufficient room for artistic expression.

Writers: We'll consider any short stories, excerpts, poetry, essays, articles, etc. RTF or ASCII format is preferred. Most other word processor formats can be converted, but it would be helpful and instructive to you to see the changes such conversion can cause if you converted it for us. Printed or type written submissions, once considered, will be converted to electronic format, time permitting. If your submission is straight text only, please send it in ASCII. If it has bolds or underlines, it should be in RTF (attached if sent via email).

Artists: Send us any artwork you'd like considered for inclusion on the CD. The content of the graphics is pretty much limited only to what is culturally relevant, and everything from sketches to porn will be considered. Preferred electronic format is .jpg simply because of the small file sizes, but we can handle pretty much any standard graphic file format. We can scan, if necessary, time permitting, but larger canvases could be a problem.

Musicians: We'd love to play a clip from one or possibly more of your recorded tracks. Unfortunately, sound files require significant CD space and it is therefore impractical to include entire pieces (unless, of course, they're very short). Consider this: the standard music CD can include no more than 72 minutes of performance total, and we need room on this CD for more than music. If there is a specific clip, no more than a minute long, AT MOST, of one or more of the recorded tracks you'd like considered, please send it along. .wav file format is preferred, and I'm not quite sure we could handle anything else, anyway. Maybe .mid. We can also most easily convert from CD, if necessary, and possibly from tape (DAT preferred for highest quality reproduction) or S/VHS video tape (with or without video).

Video artists: There could be room for a 60 second video clip of your work on the CD as well. Alas, video is even more resource intensive than sound files, and there just won't be room for much more than this, and that depends on the number of video submissions we accept. .avi format is preferred, although we can also convert from other formats including S /VHS video tape.

Programmers: Got a program you'd like to see distributed to more people? Since this is a multimedia application we're creating, there's no reason we couldn't include software demos or share/freeware on the CD. There won't be room for other MM applications, but graphics programs, games, and utilities could possibly be integrated into the MM application itself, or simply saved someplace on the CD to be copied to user's computer if desired. Proof that s/w submissions are free from viral contamination will, unfortunately, be necessary.

Along with your materials, send us any pertinent contact information, such as alternative email addresses, snail mail, etc., and a SASE if you'd like your submission returned after consideration. Also, if there is any information about yourself and/or your artwork which you'd like to convey (autobiographical/contact/purchasing information), send that in another ASCII or RTF file and we'll include it on the CD with your material(s).

MultiMedia content submissions should be sent directly to me at:
.zip compression would be nice, just to keep the size of these mail messages down. If your submission is not in electronic format, email me there for a snail mail address, or send it to me in care of CPAOD and it'll eventually get to me.

I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing what you all have to contribute.

Ron Howerton

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