IRC Interview Excerpts

Following are excerpts from the DE '97 series of interviews in IRC channel #cyberpsychos (now on EFNet). Each interviewee is involved in Death Equinox as staff, a participating member, or a guest of honour. The entireties of the interviews will be compiled in a book when the overall DE series of interviews is concluded.

The Schedule: Varies. A schedule is currently being compiled for the 10 year anniversary series of irc interviews, and will be posted when it is ready.

For further information about the IRC interviews, and about channel #cyberpsychos in general, please visit the IRC #cyberpsychos site. You can also visit the channel at any time. If you want to make sure you never miss an interview, your best option is to sign up for CPAOD-news (a very sparsely used news digest for all things Cyber-Psycho, which includes Death Equinox aka "The Cyber-Psycho Convergence").

1998 Interviews

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