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A Convergence of the Bleak & Absurd in Arts & Media

Death Equinox has finally been officially declared dead. There will be different future events, albeit smaller ones, which you can keep informed of by joining CPAOD-news. Eventually this web site should turn into a more interesting archive of DE-past, so we'll have something more to remember it by.

Featuring: Cyber-Psycho, goth, B&D, & fringe culture; Cnidarians; SubGenii; literary, avant-pop, cyber-punk, noir, & horror writing; fringe industry networking; surrealism & experimentalism; psychological exploration; gonzo examinations; alterations of the mind; chaos, entropy, synchronicity, serendipity; exotic arachnids; mad science; torture equipment; science; torture equipment; hallucinogenics; rampant perversion; endorphins; dreams, hopes, & fears; morbid curiosities; Idiot Savants; fire breathing; S/M; body modification; societal nightmares; conspiracy & mass mind control; tales of the busted; UFOs & abductees; diverse religion; gender deviants; elevator floggings & singed body hair; Tribal Rhythmic Entrainment; live music; independent film; trance tools; visual art; spider sex; a chance to be tortured; a chance to torture the Chair Tyrant; & our usual wholesome family atmosphere.

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