Death Equinox Hospitality Suite Info

Basics: The hospitality suite is open from noon on Thursday till very late on Sunday (with irregular AM closing hours in between). For the most part it's equipped with staple foods along the lines of coffee, tea, chips, and vegetables. During the sponsored time slots, the offerings will vary. This suite will sometimes house solo readings and discussion groups (don't worry, it's far bigger than guest suites and has plenty of space for chairs -- not to mention easy access to the coffee).

Sponsor time! If you have a business, or are a member of an organization, you may want to sponsor time in the hospitality suite. There is no charge for this, you are merely expected to provide the food and beverage for your allotted time slot. Time slots will be 2 hours per sponsor and will be granted on a first-come first-ask basis. Sponsors will also be listed on the web site and in the program book, alongside reports of the time slot they will be sponsoring. Convention registration is not required for sponsoring time in the hospitality suite.

Sponsor-Type Examples: Types of people who should sponsor time in the hospitality suite include churches (of diverse orientation), bands, writing groups, businesses, food establishments, or anyone who wants to attract the undivided (well, as far as focus on the food goes) attention of most of the starving con attendees for any safe reason.

Safety: Sponsors obviously must be properly IDable for 1. Guarantee that they'll be there to fill their time slot 2. Guarantee that they won't do anything silly like poison or drug the con attendees without their permission. The second reason is actually the more important one.

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