Death Equinox Publications For Attendees

Attendees receive 3 different publications (as part of their entry fee) when they arrive. Here's the details for all 3. (Post Death Equinox note: all 3 publications were given out for all 4 years of the convention. And, yes, each publication was different every year.)

Death Equinox Convention Book: Colour art cover. Includes fiction, art, interviews and/or contributions from select Guests of Honour, and an abstract editorial by the Chair Tyrant (Jasmine Sailing).

Death Equinox schedule: Every scheduled thing that is happening throughout the convention, with times. Event descriptions and participants are included.

Handy Cnidarian Booklet: Small books with Sermons, Tracts, and miscellaneous... sanities... by Cnidarian Sts and other Radiate-Initiates. For fun, for enlightenment, or for an introduction before the Cnidarian Sermons if you've never heard of these whimsical Jellyfish worshippers before.

Pictured to the side, Andi Olsen's cover for the Death Equinox '01 Con Book (her credit was not on the actual cover, it was stamped onto this jpg for web use).

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