Death Equinox '01 Demonstrations, Workshops, & Exhibits

Last Updated: 10/03/01

Art Room:
Visual art of incredible variety, ranging from horror to surrealism to strange sculpture to experimental photography and so much more. Participants include Andi Olsen, T. Motley, Ron Howerton, and others. Typical content ranges from surreal paintings to experimental photography to metallic sculptures to simple acrylics. Most of the exhibited works will be available for purchase, and interested parties need only top the minimum bid on the sheet of paper next to it (and avoid having their bid topped by anyone else). Hours: 11am-6pm on Friday through Sunday. These hours are subject to alteration at the whims of the involved parties.

Dealers' Room:
Available merchandise in the dealers' room this year ranges from Death Equinox paraphernalia to independent press books and magazines to music to fetish and bondage gear. Hours: 11am-6pm on Friday through Sunday. The dealers' room is subject to temporary unscheduled shut-downs, and even re-openings, not to mention late closings, at the unanimous request of the dealers.

Sex Toys 101:
Open Demo. A show 'n' tell of basic toys used for sex, pain, and bondage. Bring in your own toys to show off, or just kick back and watch while you mentally assemble your shopping list. Toys can be kinky or non, and creativity is always welcome. Hosted by Gene Santagada. Time: Friday, 5pm

Scribbling Smut for Fun and Profit:
Workshop. Writing erotica, and other forms of "smut". Hosted by published smut authors Gene Santagada, Gomez, and Michael Hemmingson. Time: Saturday, noon

Flogging 101:
Limited workshop. There will be a sign-up sheet, and attendance will be limited to 10-15 people. Participants are encouraged to bring their own "bottoms", to serve as practice targets. Everyone attending must be a participant, no gawkers will be allowed. A flogger is one of the first toys many people purchase when they first get into BDSM. Flogging is easy to learn. It's difficult to hurt someone with a flogger unless you are careless, so they often serve as beginner's toys. Floggers are often also one of the least pricey toys (good ones can be had for well under $100). Hosted by Gene Santagada. Time: Saturday, 1pm

Anime Cels 666:
I figured 3 events with "101" in the title was more than enough. A large collection of anime cels will be hauled in (feel free to pitch in if you collect!), partially for showing them off and partially for demonstrating how animation via hand-painted cels works. If you are a fan of anime, interested in animation in general, or simply want to look at a lot of original art, you might find this interesting. Extra browsing time has been scheduled, since everyone will be braindead on Sunday anyway. Hosted by Jasmine Sailing. Time: Sunday, 11am

Hector's Cartooning Jam:
Open workshop. Whether you're an artist or writer, feel free to drop by this Cartooning Jam and be put to work. Not only will miscellaneous group projects be plotted, the convention's exquisite corpse will be pitched in for applying images to as well. This workshop went wonderfully at DE '99, so we decided to try it again. The workshop will run for at least a couple of hours, you can stop in and out as you desire. Hosted by T. Motley. Time: Sunday, 2pm

That Alien Drone of Theremins:
Vanessa L. will bring in one ether wave and two light sensitive theremins and demonstrate how they function. Both talk and music will be involved. You can first catch her playing one during the Winona Righteous performance on Friday night, if you need to sample it. Theremins are a favourite of many DE denizens, so it's a pleasure to have 3 paying a visit. Time: Sunday, 4pm

Play Piercing:
Lengthy and numerous needles, inflicting temporary piercings. You would be amazed at how beautifully artistic several needles in someone's back or arm can be. Hosted by Gene Santagada and Gomez, with Judy Saxe, Samantha Tanner, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Sunday, 7pm

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