Death Equinox Dealers' Room Info

We have a large dealers' room, but nevertheless must worry about filling the space before everyone is accomodated. Please contact us ASAP if you plan to be a dealer at DE. In prior years we had small press books and magazines, music and video, a large variety of exotic and giant arachnids, collectors' items, stylized weapons, occult odds 'n' ends, and fetish gear. What will this year bring? Fetish clothing, body modification jewelry, fetish gear, independent arts, anime & manga, etc, would get people drooling. As would many items of generally odd and diverse natures.

Table Prices: The cost is $50 for a 6'x30" table. The price will include a description of your offered goods on the web site and in the convention book. Anyone who wants to move their entire bookstore into the dealers' room can request optimal position assignment for setting up shelves behind and around their table. There is no set limit on the numbers of tables that can be bought by one dealer.

Small Press and Independents: We know all too well how difficult it is for the struggling small presses and independents to afford promoting themselves. For this reason, we are offering a special deal of a $30 table to anyone who qualifies. There is a limit of one table for this deal (though we will bend on this limit if the convention dates are near and there is enough space remaining. Feel free to ask). Sharing is fine, please report who you are sharing the table with so we can mention them as well.

Dealing Without A Table: If you only have a couple of items to sell and therefore won't be needing an entire table, you can have your items sold at the Death Equinox tables. We will take a small percentage from the total sales.

Contact Information: All payments for dealers' tables must be sent to the same address as convention memberships. For special requests, requirements, and questions, email Cherie Sailing at

Sample Dealers' Descriptions

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