Cyber-Psycho Convergence II

Thursday-Sunday, October 1-4, 1998
In Denver, Colorado, at the Sheraton Denver West
Specialized Guests of Honour:
General GoH: KW Jeter
Slack-Magickal GoH: Rev. Ivan Stang
Master of Toast: Lee Ballentine
Ranchhand Guests of Honour:
Audial Distortionist GoH: Little Fyodor
Visual Depictionist GoH: T. Motley
Veteran Guests: Don Webb, Brian Hodge, and Edward Bryant
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Other attendees include: The IrReverend Friday Jones, Loren Rhoads (Morbid Curiosity), Rosemary Webb, Babushka, Michael Hemmingson (Mammoth Book of Short Erotic Novels & Avant-Porn), Jeffrey A Stadt (Bloodreams & Mind Rot), Doug Rice (Nobodaddies), Jasmine Sailing (Cyber-Psychos AOD), R. N. Taylor, arachnologist Gene Santagada, Gordon Klock, Bruce Young (Toxic Broadcast System), Chris Yardley (Tantric Lobotomy Commission), HL Ayres, Steve James, Brian Thomas, Gregory R. Hyde, Dave Denney (Dimensional Communications), Gomez aka Bill Lemieux, Judy Saxe, Michael S Smith, Darlene Sexauer, Deana Reed, Barbara Griffith, and many more.
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