Critters & Gadgets Amok

Critters: Locals are familiar with the critter crunch (remote-controlled battle-bots). At Death Equinox this is variegated into the metric unlimited crunch, critter ball, a critter-less contest of useful (and mechanical) gadgets (the Gadgeteer's Ball), a blue print workshop, and an open demonstration of mechanical sex gadgets (Sexual Mechanics). Perfect for those who deem themselves mad scientists (or are aspiring to become one), better yet for those mad scientists who have a few kinks to their own schematical brainworks. People who prefer critter combat, and those who prefer creative critters, and even those who are merely perverts, will be equally fulfilled. We gave you the examples last year, now you can (hopefully) build your own critters and gadgets.

Critter Rules
Gadgeteer's Ball Rules
Sexual Mechanics

Critter and gadget entrants must be pre-registered. If we do not receive enough pre-registered entrants, we will cancel classes/levels or even entire competitions. If competitions are cancelled, the Gadgeteer's Ball will become an all-inclusive open demonstration of home-made devices. Sexual Mechanics is always an open demonstration, and does not get cancelled.


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