Death Equinox Convention Books

There are two main books at Death Equinox: the program booklet and the Convention book. Complimentary copies of both books are given to all convention attendees upon their arrival/check-in.

Program Booklet: This features the schedules and listings for everything happening at the convention, alongside brief bios and descriptions of the features and participants. This is the digest-sized and photo-copied cheapie.

Convention Book: The convention book is full-sized (8.5" x 11"), perfect-bound, and has a full colour cover. It features the Guests of Honour plus info about attendees, staff, dealers, etc. A limited quantity of DE '97 convention books are available for purchase through Toxic Broadcast System, and you can also hop over there to look at the front cover.

Program Booklet Ad Rates: $90 for a full page, $50 for a half page.

Convention Book Ad Rates: $180 for a full page, $100 for a half page, $60 for 1/4 page, $40 for 1/6 page.

Deadlines: Ads for both books should be in by August 15th to allow for printing time.

Contact: Bruce Young,

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