Death Equinox Art Room Info

We have enough space to accomodate approximately 80 art panels at Death Equinox. The array is already varying from stark realism to surrealism, painting to collage or photo. Graphic and unusual inclusions will be accepted with enthusiasm. Free expression is the key phrase -- there will be no limit on media, style, subject, or dimension (as long as it can fit on the panels or tables. Simply request help with spacing, in advance, if your art comes in a difficult size or shape). Various editors, publishers, and other media personnel, will be attending the convention and viewing the presented art.

Art Panel Prices: You can choose a 4'x4' panel ($15 each) or a 6'x1.5' table ($10 each), Panels will be more limited than tables so be sure to sign on fast if you want one of them. It is also far easier for us to get the tables, so if there's any way you can use them instead (they are backed by walls): Please Do! Art room entries must be paid for via the same address as convention registration.

Auction/Sale: While being in the art room is good for professional net-working, many people also wish to sell some or all of the pieces they have included. There are two main ways to do this. You can either list your price next to the art, or you can join in on the auction (or you can do both with different pieces). For the auction, a paper slip will be included with the art piece. The creator specifies the minimum bid that they would be willing to accept. Throughout the convention, interested parties can write their bids (along with their name, hotel room #, and contact information) on the paper slip. As with any auction, the highest bid would get the art piece on the last day of the convention. Non-auction pieces can be sold and removed at any time, as long as the artist agrees that it can be removed upon sale. Art room entries do not need to be sold. If you prefer to keep anything, simply refrain from giving a set price or minimum bid for it.

Reproduction of Art: There will be a "no camera" policy in the art room. If people wish to take photographs of anything, they must have express consent from the artist and they must be accompanied while photographing. Having consent from one artist will not give them the right to photograph the work of any other artist whom is entered in the display. Artists have the option of submitting slides of their auctioned/for sale pieces, and having the slides shown during intermissions in the video room. This is by express permission only, arranged solely for those who wish to have the additional attention drawn to their work. Art room members can also have their work considered for inclusion in the convention book, along with an artist biography. Please send print samples if you would like to do this. Colour pieces can also be included (with bio) in the convention CD-ROM. For both the convention book and CD-ROM these can be pieces that will not be available in the art room, but that can aid in further promoting the pieces that are on display there.

Contact Information: All payments for art room panels and tables must be sent to the same address as convention memberships. For special requests, requirements, and questions, email Steve James at

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