Cyber-Psycho IRC Interviews

Two inter-mingled series of interviews are currently being planned for IRC channel #cyberpsychos (now on mibbit). One will be the 10-year anniversary conclusion of the DE series of interviews, the other is with people who are slated for inclusion in the magazine CPAOD Chibi (the chibi Cyber-Psychos AOD).

The only topic range limit will be keeping it from getting too dry and stupid.

The IRC interview format provides an opportunity for people who are not regular CPAOD contributors to participate. All active participants are always credited when the interviews are published. It also adds more diversity to the range of questions than one interviewer could provide.

The Rules: Do not babble in the channel during interviews. You can message your friends, or you can be in another channel simultaneously and use that one for chatting. Do not bother the interviewees with further questions when they already have one to answer. They will finish their response with (END) as the cue for another question. The interviewees always have the right to refuse to answer any questions they do not wish to be bothered with. Disruptive assholes will be unceremoniously kicked out of the channel. We realize it's difficult to show some consideration for other people on the net, but...

I'm just now beginning to assemble the current IRC interview schedule. As soon as I have some entries ready I will add them below.

Warm-Up Interview Scheduled! While we prep the irc interview schedule, we are conducting an interactive interview on the CP mailing list: CPAOD-Discuss. This is a DE Series interview with author and Setian Don Webb. It will begin on April 14, 2011, and could easily take a week to wrap up. Join the mailing list (web subs are possible if you don't like email) to participate or lurk. Don was the Sado-Magical GoH at DE '97, and a Veteran GoH at DE '98.

Upcoming Schedule Example (it is not real):

Stay tuned!

Excerpts from DE '97 IRC interview series are archived here:

DE '97 Series Interviews, conducted in 1998. Featuring Jeffrey A. Stadt, Lee Ballentine, Brian Hodge, Gene Santagada, Edward Bryant, Gordon Klock, Little Fyodor, and Gomez.

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