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IRC: channel #cyberpsychos on mibbit

The Cyber-Psycho subculture had an active IRC Channel in the 90s. Sadly, we let it vanish for most of a decade. Not so sadly, we have finally re-established it and are (slowly, as usual) working on a schedule of irc interviews. It will be posted as soon as it is ready.

Via irc client:
Via web:
Channel: #cyberpsychos

It will take a while to get the word out and have a decent # of people in the channel. If you happen across this updated page quickly, just hang in there. Perhaps synchronicity will be on your side, and you'll find people to chat with.

Channel Ops: madamecp, stvj, BaghwanB, and Dreameoba (amongst others)

A safe bet for discovering intelligent (?) life-forms would be to attend the sporadic IRC interviews held in the channel. You can't babble during these, but you can show up early or stick around late and use it as a means for meeting people. If you would like to pitch in some questions, talk to madamecp before the interview begins.

No one is certain whether the channel has rules (read the server rules), barring during interviews, but ops have been known to kick unfamiliar annoying idiots without warning on "bad hair days". Be an unfamiliar annoying idiot at your own risk. Becoming a familiar annoying idiot can help you immensely.

The average denizen of this channel knows the others -- often in person from attending Death Equinox and other events, or as vague presences who have been co-active in the Cyber-Psycho print and on-line worlds. Ask, if you want to know what the hell any of that is. Many of the denizens are also Cnidarians. Insult Jellyfish at your own risk. Several of us have partaken in the Sacred Joy of Packing Buddy, but this is not necessarily a prerequisite for joining us.

Pictured to the left: "Giant Insects Wearing Plaid Linoleum Negligées Are Viewing The World From Inside Your Mind!"

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