Back Cover Blurbs: Stigma: AfterWorld by Jeffrey A. Stadt

"Jeffrey Stadt knows what rage is all about. Watch his prose. The passion builds, rises to the point where you think you know how to dodge out of his way, but then he catches you off guard like a bum rush from behind -- clocking you across the neck and knocking you to the floor. Man, I like that. Really. It's nice to be surprised, even when it hurts." --Mike Arnzen (author of Grave Markings), in the introduction

"Jeffrey A. Stadt's writing is plush, mystical, and beautifully nightmarish. He paints a landscape that is both alluring and repugnant, much like being smothered by a silk pillow; smooth, cool, and soft as it slowly presses down on your face -- sucking the life out of you. You can't help but get lost in Stadt's erotic, complex, and surreal writing. This is dark fantasy at its finest." -- David G. Barnett (Necro Publications)

"Stadt's prose is cold. It sparkles. It is accessible -- like a tray full of knives in an operating room. You may not be happy at seeing some of them too clearly, even when they're `good' for you." --Don Webb (author of The Explanation and Other Good Advice)

"Slouching out of Bethlehem after a violent and convulsive birth, Jeffrey Stadt has been quietly gathering his gnostic strength in the desert; taking lessons from the stars and the stones, preparing for this -- the final assult. You won't die from reading this book, but you may well wish you had." --Brian Clark (author of Sex and Politics, and publisher of Permeable Press)

"If you just found out yer PCP was half-cut with ground glass while watching that ABC Afterschool Special, and then tried to tear out all Those Nasty Biting Worms from your bowels, YOU might be one of The Fortunate who really understands Stigma and its subtle beauties. But by then it's too late. Hopefully the rest of This Lame-Assed World will catch up soon." --The Joey Zone (SF Eye)

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