Back Cover Blurbs: The Forbidden Gospels of Man-Cruel Volume I by t. winter-damon and Randy Chandler

"[t. Winter-Damon is] the sickest, most perverse fucking writer I have ever known... Congratulations!" --J.F. Gonzales, editor, Iniquities, "The Magazine of Great Wickedness and Wonder"

"These carefully crafted stories manage to disturb and titillate in ways most of us jaded readers have probably forgotten was possible. They also collectively pack the wallop of a snuff film -- but without the mess or the guilt to have to contend with. Two bloody, recently amputated, thumbs up!" --Larry McCaffery, editor of Storming the Reality Studio, Avant-Pop: Fiction For a Daydream Nation, and After Yesterday's Crash

"t. Winter-Damon lurks in Tucson, Arizona, and from his lair he has been corrupting the small press for some years now with his demented and depraved poems... Not content with these crimes [he] also writes short fiction... and has written... in collaboration with Randy Chandler... [his] work has been described as Neo-Baudelarian-Cyber-Sade..." --Dr. Karl Edward Wagner, editor, The Year's Best Horror Stories (DAW) (excerpted from the introductions to Volume XX & Volume XVIII)

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