Back Cover Blurbs: A Pound of Ezra and Other Units of Gothic Measure by Gregory R. Hyde

"Nope, the standard 19th Century Gothic accessorizing isn't here. But the whole claustrophobic feel of oppressively enclosed spaces, whether in the internal or the external landscape, along with the sense of capricious cruelty in a world forsaken by a God who may never have existed in the first place, is not a sensation that evokes unbridled optimism." —Edward Bryant, author of Particle Theory, in the introduction

"Gregory Hyde's writing is full of alarming ideas and sharp, vivid, haunting images that linger unpleasantly in the mind. There may or may not be something seriously askew in his brain, but this collection is a work of mad genius." —Wil McCarthy, New York Times Notable author of Bloom

"Greg Hyde understands extremes—of mind, body, and emotions—and doesn't pull any punches when he writes about them. As you'll find out when you read the stories in this collection. One caveat before you start: If you don't want to get splattered, you'd better stand back." —P.D. Cacek, author of Night Prayer, winner of the World Fantasy and Bram Stoker awards

"Gregory Hyde specializes in the unexpected. These fictions take us in unanticipated directions, the highly imaginative prose delivering a world uniquely his own. These are stories about characters we're surprised to find ourselves caring about—at once alien and familiar, bizarre and vividly real." —Steve (author of PKD nominee The Umbral Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry and Melanie Tem (author of Bram Stoker award-winner Prodigal)

"Gregory R. Hyde's fiction is a black hole of horror; no light escapes. I find his stories very disturbing. They have the internal logic and relentlessness of nightmares." —Bruce Holland Rogers, Bram Stoker and Nebula Award-winning author of Lifeboat on a Burning Sea

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