Back (and inner front) Cover Blurbs: A Good CuntBoy is Hard to Find by Doug Rice

"It must be said that some readers are likely to recoil, or, more commonly, numb-over. I am thinking of feminism. I am thinking of the authorized discussions surrounding the literary postmodern. I am thinking of academic critical droning, and literary anti-intellectualism. I am saying you can't buy this book at Barnes and Noble, nor will a university press release it. These are limits." --Lidia Yuknavitch, from the introduction

"Doug Rice is the postmodern equivalent of those great medieval mystics who came--and came and came--when they saw God. His ecstatic, abject, writing sounds to me like Faulkner on LSD; even if it is the 'filthiest' stuff ever committed to print (according to no less an authority than Senator Jesse Helms). Me, I never get tired of lapping up the cunt juice of Doug Rice's gorgeous prose." --Steve Shaviro, author of Doom Patrols

"If you locked Poe, Shirley Jackson, and Ian McEwan in a niter- encrusted basement, fed them a ghoul's diet, and siphoned off their commingled blood for injections, you might derive a sensory high similar to that delivered by Doug Rice's prose." --Paul Di Filippo, author of The Steampunk Trilogy

"With little-girl tenderness, Doug Rice pulls us into the monstrous arena of his imagination to show us the surface tremors beneath his blood. Here each word is a trap door into fluid pain and desire, ensnaring and licking at us deliriously, straining to inhabit our flesh. Rice's prose submerges the reader in a deluge of dazzling imagery, presented in a style entirely unique and mesmerizing--without question, Rice's is one of the most interesting voices on the American literary scene today." --Julia Solis, editor of Spitting Image

"Doug Rice has broken through a barrier in writing. He's like all of those Southern writers--Faulkner, Williams, O'Connor--except he's writing about the dark secret that is so bad it can only be hinted at in that type of story. Now that lacks the subtlety of those writers, but it is not true that the monstrous ain't art. Giger and Goya are needed for the Eye as much as anything else..." --Don Webb, author of The Double

"Rice's prose is a wondrous thing, a kind of porn on acid as transcribed by J.R.R. Tolkein that wraps the virtually nonstop sex scenes in a lush, quirky, wide-eyed innocent poetry of elegantly bad manners. ...It's as though Rice, in his high post modernist fashion, set out to write a novel of the sort that Acker's and Burroughs' novels would want to have sex with." --Dennis Cooper, author of Closer

"Imagine Jimi Hendrix and William S. Burroughs shooting up with Wittgenstein and Nietzsche and you come close to the way that Rice re-invents language." --Lisa Artif, author of Moral Plagiarism

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