Cyber-Psychos AOD #10

Issue #10 Contents:

Stats: Approx. 116pp, 8.5" x 11", perfect-bound, colour cover, b/w interior.

Date: November, 2001

Cover Illustration: Susan E. Smolinski

Editorial: CPAOD changes & Lack of business prowess.

Interviews with: Christopher Bales, Lance Olsen, & Brian C. Clark.

Fiction/Prose/Poetry by: Mason Jones, Shelly Williamson, Doug Rice, Dan Clore, KK Ormond, S. Lawrence Brendza, Brian C. Clark, John Evenson, Gerard Daniel Houarner, & Catherine Cerveny.

Articles: A Few of the Interesting Characters I've Discovered Under the Floorboards: highlighting select bands from Little Fyodor's radio show of the same name; Welcome to Weirdsville: Never Forget: an elephant hanging tragedy by M. Christian; Babylon's Alter/Altar: True Madness by t. Winter-Damon; Sordidness, Perversion, Darkness, & Hallucinations: 90s anime series over-view by Jasmine Sailing; and Cyber-Cents: a compilation of odds and ends from the Iron Feather crew.

Commentary/Non-Fiction by: Little Fyodor, M. Christian, Loren Rhoads, t. Winter-Damon, Michael Hemmingson, the Iron Feather crew, Joey Gaen, Matthew Rhodes, Jasmine Sailing, Gene Santagada, Bob Riedel, Bruce Young, Brian Hodge, Samantha Tanner, Joe Nahmad, Shelly Renee Williamson (aka Winona Righteous), Lady Spooky Loop, Louis Kahn Nygen, Lidia Yuknavitch, & Kim Mitchell.

Artist Portfolio: Christopher Bales

Illustrators: Susan E. Smolinski, Harry (H.E.) Fassl, T. Motley, Steve James, Darlene Sexauer, Gordon Klock, & Bruce Young.

Comics: Schism (3 installments).

Personal Reality Essays: Sidereal Birds: Trans-Species Communication and What Lies Beneath by Joey Gaen; and Word Virus Manifestation by Matthew Rhodes.

Additional: The usual tons of reviews of music, magazines, books, comics, film, etc, with a preferential leaning toward the independents and small press. Or at least to all sorts of weirdos, right?

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