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This section kind of crumbled into ruin after Letters to the Fringe went away, and the Several Pages of Dead Links subsection obviously became impossible for me to keep up with. A new "column" will be added very soon! I'm saying this on October 6, 2014, and I'm serious. There's no way the new section won't be up well before the end of November. I'm seriously serious, damn it.

I'm going to leave that paragraph as is for a while, just to thoroughly humiliate myself. I blame Kansas. It's always Kansas. I was making great progress, then we took a roundtrip roadtrip across Kansas and my brain liquified and leaked out my ears. After that I was convinced that my self-imposed deadline was "by the end of November", so I felt good about uploading a 3 entry start to the section on November 30. And then I saw this. FINE!!! *kicks wall*

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