Our Blasted Lady of the Jellyfish:
Cnidarian Tracts
(Excerpts from The Blasted Manifesto)

Sorry, Buddy. This time the Tracts are posted in the order they appear in The Blasted Manifesto. Slackers who have no idea which one was recently added will simply need to suffer in a not-so-happy Fiery-Rainish or pepper-juicy kind of way. If this is YOU, perhaps you should go revere and repent. AFTER reading the Tracts. Or both after and BEFORE reading them. To revere and repent often is to become a happy and productive Cnidarian.

For some silly reason, most likely pertaining to someone being in a happy and highly reverential frame of mind, the versions of the Creation and Descendance tracts found here are extremely old versions. Not the Blasted Manifesto versions, or even the Handy Cnidarian Booklet versions (as far as this Blasted Mind can recall, anyway). Eventually they will be replaced with their proper modern versions. We all know how dusty these archaic religious texts can become over the decades.

The Blasted Manifesto has always been dutifully transcribed by The Blasted One whenever enough Universal Jellyfish Waves entropically permeate her brain.

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