Our Blasted Lady of the Jellyfish:
Cnidarian Protests

Cnidarians have always been uppity about lots of things, but we didn't get around to having a protest section until now. We can make signs. We have sidewalk chalk, and we know how to use it.

Because we need to worry about scaring people off from protests, there will be a couple of unusual circumstances for this portion of the website. Announcements of upcoming protests might not link back to this page, or make any reference to the Cnidaria website. Event reports may be attributed to non-Cnidarian names (eg they'll be attributed to the names we use while writing other non-Cnidarian things). And we might sound, you know, a little less dramatic than we do in various Cnidarian texts. Like we popped some Valium before writing or something.

Yes, yes, most Cnidarians do have multiple personalities. Naturally we have boring personalities that we adopt, to sucker the boring powers that be, at more boring functions (work, functions at our kids' schools, during moments of getting interrogated by suspicious police, the usual). It all boils down to being capable of making your Cnidarian and "normal" personalities meet in the middle.

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