Our Blasted Lady of the Jellyfish:
Cnidarian Moralistic Essays

Religious people need to have morals. Sure, too many of them don't act on them, even when they expect others to, but the morals continue to exist on the off-chance that anyone will bother with them.

Cnidarians are no different, in this regard. We have morals. Some of us even follow them! The main difference? I doubt there's a single Cnidarian who honestly believes that anyone will follow any moralistic principles they disagree with. Or, if they ARE that out of it, I'm a bit embarrassed.

The proper way to regard this section, therefore, is as a presentation of morals of any nature that are subscribed to by the author of each individual essay. It is entirely possible that other Cnidarians (be it some or many) also subscribe to any of the morals presented here.

What this section really is, off the record... it's the result of preachy addle-minded Streets writing Sermons that are way too damned long to be Sermons. It's a new section. Give it time to grow.

While you gaze in awe at the image to the right, please keep in mind that it is terribly rude and unmoralistic to keep Jellyfish in captivity. We will pay for these immoral habits when the Fiery Rain is upon us.

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