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Reasons Cnidarians Support Occupy

This list began in 2011 and was compiled in the order it came in. Such is Entropic Order. Such is why it's largely dated before appearing on the web site. It will continue to grow, if any Ct., Dr., or St. feels the sudden compulsion to add to it.

Not ALL Cnidarians support Occupy, despite the ample wisdom provided here, and not all Cnidarians agree with every reason provided here. It is reasonably certain, however, that all Cnidarians agree that they are Cnidarians. Most of the time, anyway.

Current contributors (generally in order of chronic mouthiness): St. Sailing, St. Young, St. Hemmingson, St. James, St. Absentia, St. Klock, Dr. Crapman, Ct. Brainard, and Dr. Wonka.

Cnidaria Vs Riot Police

1. Cnidarians believed the rumours that Occupiers are nothing but a bunch of smelly hippies, and applauded the efforts to refrain from wasting Water.

2. Occupiers realize we don't own the planet, we're just filling space.

3. The 1% need to be taken down because, in the eyes of the Jellyfish, all humans are equally scum.

4. Cnidarians do not day trade; they rough trade.

5. Cnidarians know that every man and woman on Wall Street are secret sluts bound in chains by night and pissed on by the God of the Dollar.

6. Cnidarians pre-Occupy.

7. Occupiers live outdoors in parks, rather than contributing to ugly identical housing developments.

8. Some Occupies have been known to be kind to drug addicts and mentally ill people, many of whom might well be MIA Cnidarians.

9. Occupiers are battling the evil bastard corporations that erroneously believe they can own and foul the Cnidarian Preserve.

10. Jellyfish have been swarming and upheaving, it's about time the human inhabitants of their planet joined in.

11. Someone said something about having a Buddy at an Occupy, right?

12. Jellyfish personhood now, forget corporate personhood.

13. Pepper spray is a trivial pleasure compared to the Fiery Rain of Cnidocytes.

14. When was the last time a bank was named The Blasted Bank, First Bank of Cnidaria?

15. Bud the Mothman told them to.

16. Those Jellyfishy voices in their heads told them to as well.

17. With that many people hanging out, one of them might have some acid.

18. Or a spare Buddy-Packer.

19. Cnidarians know they forgot where they left the Sacred Axe before Occupy began, so they don't blame Occupiers for every stupid little thing.

20. Pepper spray hoses are a sacrilegious mockery of the Righteous Flamethrower of Justice.

21. Exposing the power of the 1% is a warmup for letting people know the truth about Cnidaria.

22. Just as Occupiers welcome all, the Jellies will flay you all.

23. Protesting is only the beginning, it'll all end in flayings.

24. Even if it's off topic many Occupiers will stand up for Constitutional rights, and Cnidarians need all of the constitutional support they can get.

25. While Occupiers staunchly refuse to evacuate the public areas they occupy, Cnidarians are always running away to evacuate their bowels. Occupy Frankfurt Porta-Potties

26. And bladders, Cnidarians particularly love Occupies that come equipped with port-a-potties.

27. Just look at all of those easily accessible potential recruits!

28. Anyone can have a shot at using Peoples' Mic, even a Jellyfish-worshipper.

29. Because Occupy indicates that 99% at least have some vague understanding of the coming "fire" & "fire sale" about to sweep the planet...

30. The asinine heathens who claim to be "rulers" and "leaders", despite not being Jellyfish or otherwise remotely qualified to lead, mostly dislike the Occupiers.

31. Cnidarians are a peaceful nonviolent movement, too, if you don't count little things like floggings and chopping peoples' beards off with the Sacred Axe.

32. Pepper spray... pfft... nematocysts!

33. It must be some corporations' faults that tons of little ocean Jellyfish get sucked up, with tons of wasted water, into nuclear and coal power coolant systems.

34. Plus, that's clearly a Jellyfish statement that these power plants must be shut down.

35. Do the riot cops beat you if you want them to, or ONLY if you DON'T want them to?

36. Tents won't save you from a lot of things...

37. There are Overlords you can only hope to appease, but there are also overlords you can overthrow.

38. Cnidarians know all about power politics.

39. When Occupiers defiantly build structures in parks, they are repurposed and eco-friendly (no electricity, no water).

40. Grouping everyone into outdoor areas will make the final task of the Giant Space Jellies so much easier.

41. Street medics sure come in handy when you take the self-flagellating a little too far.

42. Common enemies #1: NDAA could threaten both Occupiers and Cnidarians alike with indefinite detention, and not in a fun way.

43. Common enemies #2: SOPA, PIPA, etc could threaten to eliminate both the 1st amendment speech of Occupies and the... interesting habits of Cnidarians.

44. Monsanto makes our brains and spines taste bad.

45. Maybe anarchists could organise a way to self-regulate Cnidaria's Nature Preserve.

46. Maybe 80 billion houseflies didn't ask to be born.

47. As the 1% fights with us, the Jellies can arrive unnoticed & start the Great Flaying at their leisure.

48. Many Occupiers dislike both Democrats and Republicans, so it's not very likely that they would willfully elect a Mormon candidate from either party.

49. Will this ultimately lead to less human scum for the Jellyfish to worry about?

50. Common Enemies #3: Occupy Denver and Denver Cnidarians alike oppose Suncor for poisoning their precious sacred Water. Suckered By Tent Monster

51. Cnidarians Support Occupy because anything that pisses off overly-touchy conservatives deserves nurturing.

52. Cnidarians Support Occupy because anything that pits humans against each other is good for everything else.

53. Cnidarians Support Occupy because Mormons probably don't.

54. People very mistakenly call both groups a joke, but they won't be laughing for long.

55. So much money is being wasted on the drug war when it could be used on taking drugs.

56. I swear I thought that Tent Monster was a mutant 2-legged Jellyfish, so I followed it.

57. Because Occupy's agenda dovetails with the Jellyfishes' plans for K street.

58. Streets enjoy marching amok in the streets, with good company.

59. You can't even protest the evils happening in this Cnidarian Preserve without some thug cop stealing your bullhorn and arresting you.

60. Because "Shit's fucked up and bullshit".

61. Those valiant Occupy Pigeons are terribly difficult to resist...

62. Cnidarians Chalkupy!

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