Goods and Services
Offered by Our Blasted Lady of the Jellyfish

The Blasted One is happy to sell herself (her services!) for a reasonable price. She is an ordained minister and has performed Cnidarian rituals of various types and even officiated at Cnidarian weddings. Yes, she can legally sign the certificate. Please note, though, that these are CNIDARIAN ceremonies, not your typical quaint church fare. There will be no priests yelling "Shane, please come back!". There will be (details deleted to protect the guilty). To have a wedding officiated by The Blasted One you must swear that you are entering such a bond for valid reasons, eg taxes and medical insurance, and not for the pure sake of procreation. You would be deemed a bad bad little Cnidarian if you were getting married solely to have a family with lots of kids. At LEAST do it for pure, wholesome, perverse reasons! And, no worries, same sex unions are always heartily encouraged.

Handy Cnidarian Booklets:

They are cheaply made, yes they are. And in case they aren't cheaply made enough, we're working on pdf versions (currently you can ask me to email a free pdf of Booklet #5). We generally use them for mass recruiting at events, leave them in hotel Bible drawers, try to unbrainwash Focus on the Family types with them, or whatever other good uses we can come up with.

At present there are 5 Booklets. #1 was released at Death Equinox '97, #2 at DE '98, #3 at DE '01 (or maybe it was '99 and we slacked off in '01, I'll check sometime), and #4 surfaced in late '06 for an actual non-DE recruitment event! Our newest Booklet, #5, was made for the Cnidarian Earth Day Reading in 2014 and it is therefore a bit Earth Day topic-centric.

MOST of the contents of the Booklets can be found on this web site, but there are minor odds and ends that are unique to them. If you want to order them for your own collection (recruit friends at home!), or if you need a bundle for recruitment events, here are the details. Orders of higher mass should be priced individually by contacting St. Sailing. If the mass is VERY HIGH (always endorsed by Cnidaria), a little advance notice is necessary.

Booklets 1-2: $1.50 per book.
Booklet 3-4 (bigger books): $2 per book.
Booklet 1-4 set: $5
Any 10 Booklets (mixed): $9

Note that these prices are intended to compensate for shipping. Expecting to see us locally? We periodically (and entropically) hand them out, and you can always ask us to bring along some free copies. We love giving out free stuff, but that doesn't mean you can't make a donation if you're feeling generous.

Paypal can be used with the St. Sailing email address. You can also snail funds to: St. J. Sailing, PO Box 581, Denver CO 80201.

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