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Cnidaria: Livin' These End Times
Ebook Published October 2, 2012


Rambling and imagery from a handful of your beloved Cnidarians about surviving in the End Times. With wistful Odes to some who have passed, theories about the goodness or badness of some apocalyptical probabilities (you know, Zombies & Mormons & such), advice for manipulating evil Hypno-Rays, grumblings of a feeling rights-repressed sort, threats from above, and all kinds of gibberish. Wise gibberish. Gibberish that you should base your entire world view upon! Now!

Contributors: St. Sailing, St. Young, St. Absentia, St. Klock, Dr. Wonka, Dr. Babushka, St. James, Biermeister, AC Sailing, A James, Dr. Cr*pman, St. Hemmingson, Dr. Mamatas, and Ct. Brainard.

Recommended for MATURE READERS! Not for minors or tetchy people. Includes references to sex, drugs, and religion.

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