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The Conspiracy to Silence Cnidarians
Ebook: Call For Submissions


And now for a word from St. Sailing...

As you damn sure should know by now, and youíre seriously out of it if you donít, there has long been a grand Conspiracy to Silence us Cnidarians. The whys are probably bullshit, and the ways are many, but, big or small, these attempts to stifle us are always annoying.

And now weíre finally fighting back with... an eBook! Yeah!

Ranging from an over-sized freaky spider from another dimension being placed on my doorstep to keep me inside, to Mormon Feds planting a mind control device in Dr. Pesterís brain, to Denver police threatening to arrest us for drawing Jellyfish on sidewalks with washable sidewalk chalk, some of the many nefarious plots will be detailed in this book. Itís time for the world to know the Truth!

Are you a Cnidarian who has been victimised, repressed, irritated, or otherwise inconvenienced by The Conspiracy to Silence Cnidarians? If so, get in touch with St. Sailing via jsailing(at) ...

We need 1st person accounts of incidents, detailed descriptions of plots you telepathically uncovered last time you were on acid (or just really stoned or whatever), ETC! Photos and art that depict these profane attacks are helpful, too.

This is getting serious, people. We recently learned that anti-Cnidarian drones are being made: "Now We Are Deploying Swarms of Autonomous Robots To Kill...".

If this isnít a clear declaration of war against us, I donít know what the hell is.

Actually, youíll hear a lot more from us on the Jellyfish elimination heresy soon. But in the mean time you can let me know if you have important additions to the eBook in your possession.

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A Note About the Above Art: At my "I need it fast!!!!" request, underaged Cnidarian illustrator AC Sailing & St. Klock made the graphic as an exquisite corpse at the Go club on 10/06/13. By which I mean the Cnidaria-approved Go club, of course. The original is a lot bigger, hence the crappy off colour photograph (by me, as if we care). Apparently one of the many on-lookers, while they were working on this piece, made the astute observation of "Oh, I get it! It's the triangle eye thing!". St. Young wondered "What gave it away? Was it the triangle? Or the eye? Or maybe the eye and the triangle?". When he relayed this story to me, I quipped "Let me guess! It was a Mensa member!". Perhaps if you'd spent some time at the Cnidaria-approved Go club you would know why I said that.

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