New to Cnidaria?
Fine, Get Coddled!

As much as I hate coddling people, I'll admit that when a website has been slowly growing for most of 2 decades (and is designed by a random entropic airhead) it can be useful to give newcomers a few handy pointers. Here's some basic texts that you might consider for your initial perusals.

First, and this should go without saying, you can read the FAQ. Did that fail to explain anything to you? Good, good, so try one or two basic texts next.

The 1st web Sermon (conveniently buried at the bottom of the Sermons page), written in the early to mid 90s, comes about as close as Our Blasted Lady of the Jellyfish - The First Church of Cnidaria - is capable of offering commandments. They're actually suggestions, but they aren't bad ones. Pest Removal

Still at a loss? This Paragorical Thesis is alternately considered "Cnidaria For Dummies". Unfortunately it's too long for some dummies and most lazy people to read.

Trying to figure out what Paragorical means? I personally think of it as a painless, opiate-laced, shit-purger.

For short and highly varied reading from many high-radiate initiates, you can consider browsing the Cnidarian Sermons section.

And then... *shrug* Explore, experiment, be a free range chicken!

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