Death-Equinox '99 Attendee Bios

These bios go up as they come in (and, likewise, many never go up because they never come in). If you are registering and wish to submit a bio, please email it to and specify that your registration is on its way. (Last Updated: 09/21/99)

Death Equinox programming qualification abbreviations:
* (EP) Editors and Publishers
* (FW) Fiction Writers
* (PW) Poetry Writers
* (NF) Non-Fiction Writers
* (SA) Static Artists/Illustrators
* (CC) Comics Creators
* (FM) Film-Makers & Animators
* (MU) Musicians
* (TG) Techno-Geeks
* (MS) Mad Scientists
* (PB) Psychology Buffs
* (PF) Perverts & Fetishists
* (DL) Conveyors of Drug Lore
* (SO) Spirit/Occult "Gurus"
* (AS) Astronomer
* (UP) UFO & Paranormal Researchers
* (CT) Conspiracy Theorists

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