Death-Equinox '98 Attendee Bios

Note: Not every Death Equinox '98 attendee is listed here. Following is a list of every attendee who had cause for submitting a bio. Some bios will later surface here as a result of the attendees submitting bios for future years of Death Equinox. Likewise, some of these bios will be updated and some won't.

Death Equinox programming qualification abbreviations:
* (EP) Editors and Publishers
* (FW) Fiction Writers
* (PW) Poetry Writers
* (NF) Non-Fiction Writers
* (SA) Static Artists/Illustrators
* (CC) Comics Creators
* (FM) Film-Makers & Animators
* (MU) Musicians
* (TG) Techno-Geeks
* (MS) Mad Scientists
* (PF) Perverts & Fetishists
* (DL) Conveyors of Drug Lore
* (SO) Spirit/Occult "Gurus"
* (AS) Astronomer
* (UP) UFO & Paranormal Buffs
* (CT) Conspiracy Theorists

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