CPAOD Bios: t. Winter-Damon

(This bio is slowly undergoing a metamorphosis into a longer bio. Currently it is a partial mix of his CPAOD bios and his Man-Cruel 2 bio.)

t. Winter-Damon resided in Tucson, AZ (died: November 28, 2008), and has long been established as a writer of fiction and poetry in the surreal, cyber-punk, dark fantasy, and horror genres. His work has been published by well over 300 international magazines and anthologies, including The Year's Best Horror Stories XVI, XVIII, XIX, XX, & XX1 (DAW), The Year's Best Fantasy Stories #15 (DAW), The Year's Best Fantastic Fiction 2, Semiotext(e) SF (which included a range of authors from William S. Burroughs to William Gibson), Splatterpunks, Bizarre Sex & Other Crimes of Passion (Masquerade), Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, Grue, Fear, Deathrealm, Xizquil, etc.

There have been several collections of his fiction and poetry. TAL Publications released his book-length interview with Rex Miller. The Forbidden Gospels of Man-Cruel, Books 1 & 2 (collections of segments removed from Duet for the Devil by Damon and Randy Chandler due to containing highly disturbed content) were published by CPAOD Books. Despite the trimmings, Duet for the Devil remained "too extreme" for publication. It eventually found a home at Necronomicon Press in 2000.

Damon's collage art has also made quite a few appearances; notably in Sinistre (Horror's Head Press), The Best of DF Lewis (TAL Publications), and in Jeffrey A. Stadt's Stigma: AfterWorld (CPAOD Books).

t. Winter-Damon's non-fiction specialties include world mythologies, Meso-American mythologies and ritual, serial murder, sexual sadism, cannibalism, and the Occult.

He was the feature (interview, "fiction", commentary) in Cyber-Psychos AOD #4. He also began a column in CPAOD #10, but unfortunately another issue of the magazine didn't come out during his lifetime.

Forbidden Gospels of Man-Cruel 1
Forbidden Gospels of Man-Cruel 2

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