DE Bios: Steve James

Though Steve James has called himself a painter/artist ever since the abrupt end of his non-illustrious collegiate escapades, the truth is that he spent the first 10 years of his "career" doing just that: calling himself an artist. Then, in 1990, he rented a studio and set about attempting to produce a serious body of work. He has been painting seriously since then.

Steve's work occasionally hangs at the Chroma Gallery in Little Rock, and he also regularly involves himself with the worthwhile local annual group shows. He has exhibited his paintings at several Arkansas Reparatory Theater lobby shows, and participated in three of the annual invitational theme-exhibitions sponsored by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. In 1994 his painting, The Ecstasy of Enoch, won an honorable mention at Hot Springs' "Emerging Arkansas Artists" show.

His cartoons and illustrations have appeared in various local weekly newspapers and Arkansas Natural magazine. He has contributed to SAD magazine (Los Angeles, CA) and other SAD related publications. More recently he has produced illustrations for Cyber-Psychos AOD and the Death Equinox convention book, jammed with the Hector Cartoonists Conglomerate in Denver, produced full-color cover illustrations for STIGMA books, and illustrated both interior & cover for A Pound of Ezra & Other Units of Gothic Measure from CPAOD Books. He was also the hero who managed to design the CPAOD brain t-shirt after several other artists tried and failed for several years.

For the most part Steve works in acrylic on canvas or panel, but at times he also works on paper with acrylic or pen and ink (or both). He enjoys using found objects in his art, just as he enjoys building and/or manipulating the frames he uses, in hopes of making the piece more than just a painting. Steve admits to being a computer novice, full of foibles, and claims to have stumbled across the cyber-psychos, on the web, quite by accident before allowing himself to be sucked into their cause (or was that "cult"?).

Illustrations: A Pound of Ezra

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