CPAOD Bios: S. Darnbrook Colson

S. Darnbrook Colson, The Bad Boy Of Horror, (or the man who always pings on Catholicism, as I've declared him) writes incessantly in his Virginian home. The only way I could slow his fiction submissions down was by getting him to focus on a column. Be it horror, dark fantasy, science fiction, or suspense, many a publication has featured him in their pages. He is currently working on a new science fiction novel, the beginning of which (the only portion I've read so far) I found to be rather intriguing. And definitely not the schlock you'd generally call sci-fi! And, of course, you should order a copy of his chapbook, People of the Night, from Three-Stones Publications. I published his grisly novella The Hanging Man in 1997. Buy it!

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