DE & CPAOD Bios: R. N. Taylor

R. N. Taylor has written for such publications as the revised edition of Apocalypse Culture, The Fifth Path, The Runestone, Vor-Tru, Seconds Magazine, Outlaw Biker Tattoo Review, Exit, Esoterra, The Black Flame, Western World Review, Cyber-Psychos AOD (issues 6-9), and Morbid Curiosity. His work is also well represented in the current Exit collection from Tacit publications. Several libertarian publications, such as the Innovator, and various underground publications of the early 1970s, such as The Chicago Seed, have housed his writings and artwork as well.

He has had many one man art exhibits & was a part of Adam Parfrey's Cult Rapture exhibit at The Center for Contemporary Art In Seattle, WA, in the fall of 1995.

Over the past years he has been the subject of numerous interviews & articles in a host of magazines both here & in Europe. Most of an incredibly lengthy interview with him, which he reckoned would prevent people from ever needing to interview him again, appeared in Cyber-Psychos AOD #9. Call it an RN FAQ, and more. He's quite the mesmerizing talker (and writer) on numerous topics ranging from religion to the poisonous path of hallucinogenics to the more interesting sides of the arts industries.

R. N. was a seminal figure in the emergence of the Neo-Pagan & Asatru spiritual movements in the US, & is the chief lyricist & lead singer for the "folk-noir" band Changes (who have been around, off and on, for the past few decades). A 7" LP & two CDs, Fire of Life and Legends, are presently available from Storm Productions: PO Box 3527, Portland OR 97208. He's performed a great many dramatic poetry readings over the years, including one at the Bluebird Cafe in Denver.


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