CPAOD Bios: Paul Schiola

Paul Schiola was co-owner of the Cutthroat Gallery in Denver, CO, with his cohort Jim Bob Cook. Sadly, the gallery was a little too interesting for media standards around here and ultimately shut down as a result. At the same time, as well as before and after, they also published the Cutthroat Zine which was a collection of strange collage and general weirdness. After the closing of the gallery they opened Spook City USA, an order outlet for horror paraphernalia, and also began making monster figurines and puppets. Bleep Snort became something of a counterpart to Cutthroat Zine as a collection of collage art, commentary, comics, and alien abductions. Paul has long collaborated with Jim Bob on the regular Two-Headed TV Casualty column in Cyber-Psychos AOD (where it debuted in issue #2, alongside a Cutthroat Empire interview) and eventually began hosting nostalgic horror films at Denver's Vogue Theatre under the same name. Their collage art has been seen (and ripped off) in countless places, including in Michael Hemmingson's short story collection Nice Little Stories Jam-Packed With Depraved Sex and Violence. Of course those illos were original rather than ripped off. ;) All in all, Mr. Schiola seems to do pretty well despite living with a grey alien equal rights activist.

Contact: Spook City USA at PO Box 481654 Denver, CO 80248

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