DE & CPAOD Bios: Michael Hemmingson

Michael Hemmingson's latest books are Wild Turkey (Forge Books), My Dream Date (Rape) with Kathy Acker (Eraserhead Press), and Comfort & Motion (Blue Moon Books). His most recently edited anthologies include What the Fuck: The Avant-Porn Anthology (Soft Skull Press) and The Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers (Carroll & Graf).

As if his bibliography lists weren't already hitting silly lengths of late... Two more of his books will be published by Blue Moon in 2002, White Russian will be published by Forge, and a limited edition hardcover, yet to be titled, of some of his nastiest little stories over the years, plus new work, is upcoming from Delirium Books.

Some of Mike's previous books include Minstrels, The Naughty Yard, and Crack Hotel (all Permeable Press); Snuff Flique and Nice Little Stories Jam-Packed With Depraved Sex and Violence (both CPAOD books); and the anthology Mammoth Book of Short Erotic Novels, which he co-edited with Maxim Jabukowski.

Mike has written and directed numerous plays, and has written reviews for numerous periocidals including American Book Review, Review of Contemporary Fiction, and Cyber-Psychos AOD.

His fiction has appeared all over the place, with only a few of the places being Mammoth Book of Erotica, Hardboiled, Mondo Marilyn, Mondo James Dean, Puck, and Wicked Mystic.

As a journalist he has travelled to such places as Rwanda and Brazil. He was in the band Tyburn Jig and previously edited a couple of poetry journals.

Mike is also known as St. Hemmingson of Cnidaria, the official title for this active member of the First Church of Cnidaria, and is periodically abducted by aliens -- all of which probably explains how he got abducted into Death Equinox in the first place.

As an after-note he has, *cough*, directed low-budget porn videos under the name of "John Shade."

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