CPAOD & DE GoH Bios: Little Fyodor

(Bio Updated: December 01, 2009)

Is it really this generation's Manson? He'll deny it, give a few paranoid darts of the eye, and swear that he's really only The Cheeseball Who Bites Back. Little Fyodor performs, under his own name, strange and true music for all of us sociopathic nerds at heart. He is assisted by Babushka: the band's lovely and feral sex symbol. Over recent years the band has grown to a 4-piece set.

Their most recent CD is Peace is Boring. Before that was (and such a lovely run on name of perfection it is!) The Very Best of Little Fyodor's Greatest Hits!. More archaically, the ever-popular CD Dance of the Salted Slug was named after an actual Little Fyodor dance that you absolutely must find a way to see for yourself sometime (if it's still possible). Other releases (currently available on CDR) include Little Fyodor & Babushka Live @ XX-Day, Babushka's Naughty XXXmas (featuring Little Fyodor), Revolution #9, Idiots Are Closer To God, Beneath The Uber-Putz, and Slither/Sloth.

Little Fyodor's previous bands included Walls of Genius, who managed to release 30 tapes in 3 years! A small handful of them are now available as CDRs.

On KGNU (Boulder public radio) he plays independently-produced oddness on his nearly 3 decades old radio show, "Under the Floorboards", which has an audience that even includes his mechanic. In the 90s, after an interview in CPAOD #7, he ripped off his own show title for an article in Cyber-Psychos AOD #8 -- about a selection of the bands/ musicians distorting his airwaves. This article became an ongoing column for the short remainder of CPAOD.

The worshipful and maniacal frenzies Little Fyodor inspired whilst playing live at Death Equinox '97 were what caused him to become the Audial Terror GoH for '98. Attendees asked your humble Chair Tyrant if he could play every night. Sadly, I had to reply with "Uh, no". Not sadly, he was declared an official DE tradition and brutally forced (not quite at gunpoint... ok, not really at any weapon point or even at all brutaly in any fashion because he was kind enough to agree) to play at every year of the convention.

Similarly, their live show at Death Equinox '98 caused Reverend Ivan Stang to fall to his knees in a fit of rapture (before Babushka, I'm sure we all at least want to fall to our knees before her) and request their presence for Subgenius X-Day performances.

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