CPAOD Bios: K. K. Ormond

K. K. Ormond is hanging by her last shreds of sanity after too many years of being a harried weasel (ferret) keeper. When she isn't digging for her possessions in their hidey holes, she is often writing dark fiction and poetry that reflects far deeper into her psyche than any ferret claw could ever dig. Don't call it "erotic horror", perhaps you could call it "psychosexual portrayal". She has recently been seen in such anthologies as Heliocentric Net, Darkside: Horror for the Next Millennium, and Bizarre Sex & Other Crimes of Passion, as well as various magazines including Gauntlet, Wicked Mystic, Into the Darkness, and Cyber-Psychos AOD. K. K. and her rabid weasels currently reside in Chicago, Illinois, where she periodically considers giving her wards to a local S/M group for discipline.

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