Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas is a fiction & non-fiction writer, an illustrator, & the editor/publisher of books (and once zines) from Necropolitan Press. His writing has appeared in a diverse range of publications, from the big horror flick pubs to a literary genre assemblage including CPAOD7-8, Year's Best Horror, Icarus & Angels, Quick Chills II, Mythos Tales & Others, The Urbanite, Deathrealm, Dead of Night, The Silver Web, Space & Time, Random Realities, Lore, Terminal Fright, & far too many others to list. His first full-length short story collection (not to be confused with his shorter collections such as the recent Avatars of the Old Ones from Imelod Publications), Punktown, is due out any moment now from Ministry of Whimsy. Jeffrey professes to having ying/yang tattooed hands, and a coffee addiction.

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