DE & CPAOD Bios: Jeffrey A. Stadt

Over 70 of Jeff Stadt's dark, perverse, and cerebral, fiction stories have been published in various genre periodicals including Cyber-Psychos AOD, Terminal Fright, Elegia, Into the Darkness, Heliocentric Net, Bare Bone, and Bizarre Dreams (Masquerade Books anthology). He is currently the managing editor of Bloodreams Magazine, the sole editor of Mind Rot, and a book reviewer for various publications. His first book, Stigma: AfterWorld, was released by Cyber-Psychos AOD in August 1997. Jeff is also a natural witch and has done extensive research into (comparative) mythologies, radical faeries, Wicca, LaVey's Satanism, and lesser magic (non-ritualistic). He can be called a berdache, shaman, witch, or psychologist, but prefers his own term: Shadow-Walker.

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