DE & CPAOD Bios: John Kerper

John Kerper was born the year Sputnik was launched, and that stereo was invented, and thinks he is the eternal changeling. Throughout his tumultuous childhood his interests included comic books, Horror & Science fiction stories, the occult and, of course, music. As an artist, he has always been interested in the gnosis of the moment... Through much reading he began writing prose and poetry, trying to achieve the dream like quality he sensed in life... With the introduction of William S. Burroughs' " Naked Lunch " in his early 20's, clearly a pivotal point in his creativity and attempts to distill dream like fragmentary word thoughts ( his friends think he cuts-up with his brain naturally ). Becoming the MOther TEMperence persona in the band SISTER DEMENTIA ( a 60 something ex-communicated nun with multiple personalities ), he later co-formed the performance art band FUTURA ULTIMA EROTICA with Brian Cooper... In mid 91 he formed an association with the band DARK SHADOWZ through Eddy Cockroach, whom he had met a few years before; thus meeting John Glaze... This formed the bridgehead for many bands to follow, including DR. PAIN , GEEK PARADE , THEE HUMAN DEATH FACTORY and, of course, GOON PATROL. In 1992, Schism was born through joint collaboration with two alter egoes... Comprising the weird world of Billy the man/god, and his search for truth and understanding, even as we are all searching for god in our own personal gnosis. Coupling prose with strange comic imagery, Schism attempts to constantly evolve (just as we do). To-date, 15 installments of the comic have appeared in Cyber-Psychos AOD (often with some of his prose, poems, and reviews) and a separate Schism mini comic will be doled out as a freebie at Death Equinox '99. He has an article about AIDS and dimension-hopping in Morbid Curiosity #3. John currently resides in Phoenix, AZ.

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