CPAOD Bios: Jim Bob Cook

Jim Bob Cook, with his long-time cohort Paul Schiola, began haunting the streets of Denver, Colorado, with their beautifully disturbed collage zine Cutthroat many years ago. The zine was a collection of deranged images and commentary on horror and relative music. At the same time their art was appearing in various showings. They opened Cutthroat Gallery, which was definitely the best gallery Denver ever had and therefore suffered from lack of attention in the artsy media snob fields, and used it to showcase independent artists who couldn't afford to be members at other galleries. Aside from regular art, they also showcased strange 3-D contraptions and several bands. After the closure of the gallery, Cutthroat continued in zine format and became accompanied by Bleep Snort: a collection of grey alien hides, warped images, and various comics. Jim Bob has long collaborated on the Cyber- Psychos AOD cult film review column The Incredible Two-Headed TV Casualty and also acquired the services of a lab rat named Squeaky Fromm for scribbling music reviews. The collages of Jim Bob and Paul Schiola are still seen everywhere, including in Michael Hemmingson's collection Nice Little Stories Jam-Packed With Depraved Sex & Violence. They are also co-owners of Spook City USA, which they use as a horror paraphernalia outlet and for selling the monster figurines and puppets they construct in their dungeon. Jim Bob is plagued by the ressurected Abe Lincoln. It must be a sign....

Contact: Spook City USA at PO Box 481654 Denver, CO 80248

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