DE & CPAOD Bios: Gene Santagada

Gene Santagada loves dark fiction and writing. His own darkly-mental scribblings have been accepted by such publications as Cyber-Psychos AOD, Morbid Curiosity, Nocturnal Ecstasy - Vampire Chronicle, Mind Rot, and Bare Bone. He raises (and sells) captive bred tarantulas as well as various other arachnids from around the world, and plans to once again tow at least 100 live specimens from his horde to Death Equinox. Gene is also an amateur astronomer and has immensely enjoyed sparring with the UFO kooks. He and Deana (his fiance) both appreciate fetishes and perverse sex. "Maybe we'll 'get lucky' at Death Equinox and bed down with a pleasing bisexual leather goddess" says Deana. Gene replies that he is so in love. Not being a heretic, Gene has appreciation for Aranea and Cnidaria.

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