CPAOD Bios: Edward Lee

Edward Lee is the author of 6 mass market horror novels: Ghouls (Pinnacle/Zebra), Coven (Diamond/Berkley), Incubi (Diamond/Berkley), Succubi (Diamond/Berkley), The Chosen (Zebra), Creekers (Zebra). He had another 3 mass market novels under pen names, but I'll refrain from mentioning them in case it is preferred to be a bit more of a secret. His novel, The Bighead, is due out from Necro Press in April '97. He also has 2 novellas out through Necro Press: Header and Goon (co-written with John Pelan), and his short story collection Sex, Truth, and Reality was released by Tal Publications in 1992. Short fiction sightings from Lee have been within anthologies like Bizarre Sex & Other Crimes of Passion (Masquerade Books), Bizarre Bazaar (Tal Publications), Voices in the Night (Maclay Associates), Dark Seductions (Zebra Books), Hotblood 4, 5, 6, & 7 (all Pocket Books), White House Horrors (DAW Books), Darkside (Silver Salamander & ROC), The UFO Files (DAW Books), and Whitley Strieber's Aliens (Pocket Books). He also flutters throughout a variety of magazines including Cemetery Dance, Mystery Scene, Gothic Light, Tekeli-Li, The Barrelhouse, Cyber-Psychos AOD, Deathrealm, and Bloodsongs. Non-fictitiously, Lee has covered World Horror Conventions, written appreciation pieces for authors, been a music reviewer, conducted interviews, and theorized on the psychologies behind horror writing. Currently he is scripting some of his stories (Mr. Torso, Grub Girl, Headers, The Glyphs of She, and Grub Girl Returns) for Glenn Danzig's Verotik Comics.

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