DE & CPAOD Bios: Bruce Young

Bruce Young completed his Aerospace Engineering degree but then decided that market research and network managing was easier to break into. He currently does the graphic and layout work for Cyber-Psychos AOD magazines and books, occasionally kicks out a new issue of his mini-comic book Blue Heaven, and makes band listing flyers for local bars (like the Lion's Lair). He was once in a comedy troupe, and that probably helped him humour the bands he performed in (bass, keyboards, vocals): Dr. Pain & His Exercises for Deformity, Futura Ultima Erotica, Goon Patrol, and... His previous con work includes Mile-Hi cons, the ill-fated Congo, a few he can't remember the names of, and StarCon back when he was too little to know any better. Bruce slugs around the regions of Denver, Colorado, where he shares his cave with the Toxic Broadcast System multi-media oddities mail-order pantry and tries very hard to find spare time so he can continue his research into mind-control techniques.

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