DE GoH & CPAOD Bios: Brian Hodge

Brian Hodge is the author of seven published novels -- Oasis, Dark Advent, Nightlife, Deathgrip, The Darker Saints, Prototype, and, earlier this year, Wild Horses. He is currently at work on the next, entitled Mad Dogs, which forces him to swear to those who cast a suspicious eye that he isn't really starting to work his way through the animal kingdom. He's also written seventy-five or so short stories and novellas, many of which have been corralled into two highly-acclaimed collections, The Convulsion Factory and Falling Idols, the former of which garnered him the premier Death Equinox's coveted Idiot Savant Award for Most Disturbingly Emotive. He also pens book and music reviews, as well as other nonfiction as the voices command.

A profile in Fangoria magazine once described his work as featuring "crystalline characterizations, an increasingly lyrical prose style, and plots that combine any number of disparate elements." Yes, but is it Art?

Early last year saw him and his long-time paramour, photographer Dolly Nickel, haul stakes 1000 miles for Boulder, Colorado, oft described by those who know as "an island surrounded by reality," which he generally prefers to Chris Yardley's epithet of "granola-Nazi land." Really, they're more granola-fascists.

Turn-ons include still waiting to hear from that damned regrouping of Fields of the Nephilim, and surrounding himself with an ever-more-confining arsenal of keyboards, didgeridoos, and digital recording gear, which have gathered under the aggregate moniker of Green Man Studio and very much want a room of their own.

Spiritually he considers himself a pagan-gnostic-existentialist-odinist with strong leanings toward Celtic shamanism and ritual magick, but is always willing to consider adding yet another hyphen.

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