DE & CPAOD Bios: Alex Seminara

Alex Seminara developed an extreme interest in drawing when he was very young. He entered various artistic competitions throughout the years and completed formal training through J.K. Mullen in 1991. In the same year he worked on the yearbook and received the Architectural Drafting II award. He entered college to study and complete an A.A.S. in Architecture (Acquired mechanical drafting experience) and is currently completing an A.A.S. of Graphic Design and Illustration (with an emphasis on illustration). In 1994 Alex entered the ACC's Progenitor Arts and Literary competition, and received the best artwork award for "Gothyq" in the '95 Progenitor. He is currently illustrating as well as being employed in the sign-making industry in Denver, CO. His side activities include drawing, music production (bands he has been in include the gothic-based Gibraltur and neo-industrial based Contingence), furniture-making, metal-working, snow boarding, and design and conceptualization. He is enhancing his illustrative skills by working with design/illustration studios, and is currently seeking a sponsor who can aid in the financial aspects of art production and his related projects.

For a sample of Alex's art, look at the Cyber-Psychos AOD #7 cover.

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