Random Thought 'Reviews'
By Random CPAOD Types

Cyber-Psychos AOD contributors (and people who were featured in the magazine), Death Equinox participants, and Cnidarian contributors are welcome to ramble at will here. If you are reading a book, watching a movie or TV series, listening to music, visiting a publically-accessible locale, watching a performance, or doing whatever other applicable things I'm not thinking of, and it launches you into a chain of thought... That's what we're interested in here, moreso than straightforward reviews.

Some of these 'reviews' barely even say anything about the book/movie/whatever that inspired them. Don't worry, though, they all include assessments of spoiler threats. Even when they are situations where there's no seriously conceivable reason to worry about spoilers. They also include verdicts, in case we forget to give any clue of whether we think you should read/watch/listen to etc whatever set the thought train in motion.

There won't be a lot of consistency. I made damn sure of that myself with my initial entries.

Guidelines? Reading some of the many varied samples here should give you a reasonable clue.

11/30/2014 Note: I'm putting this section up today, despite the 1st entry having been written almost 2 years ago. There are more entries. For some incohesive reason or other, I htmled the 1st and last entries, + Bruce's entry, first. I'll plug the others in between them (in reverse chronological order) (probably one at a time) as soon as I have a chance to html them. Newer entries will be at the top, whenever they get around to happening.

Let The Random Rampant Thoughts Begin:

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